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Preschool Program

Characteristics of enthusiastic and active learning paired with a wide array of fun-filled centers make our Preschool program both focused on building cognitive development and showcasing expression of a child’s emerging self. Within our Meadow Classroom, our teachers introduce a more structured curriculum and new academic concepts which focus on literacy, math and manipulatives, art and music, science, health and wellness, personal and physical development, and Spanish and sign language. A consistent daily schedule, classroom roles, and emotional enrichment programs help your three-year-old gain a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Handwriting Without Tears

 Tools such as Handwriting Without Tears help create legible, fluent handwriting skills for students to achieve with ease. The curriculum uses multi-sensory techniques for letter, as well as number formation, so that students may learn these skills at an early age, with confidence. Our teachers use this preschool geared program to help improve a child’s coordination, pencil grip, body awareness, posture, and encourage their emerging literacy skills.

STREAMin3 Curriculum 

Continuing to use the STREAMin3 Curriculum, your child will incorporate a multitude of material and exploration in this classroom, specifically by means of hands-on activities and use of the five senses, which your child is continuing to develop at this age. We also include a balance of self-initiated play in centers and the guidance of our teachers through lessons, circle time, and group activities, giving your child a better academic foundation and a love for learning.

Structured Environment

In preschool, we begin to incorporate a more structured, consistent daily schedule, developmentally appropriate for all of our learners. A further inclusion of manners, classroom roles, and more independent tasks are presented, to work on building a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and cooperation in our students. This helps to prepare them for the kindergarten environment, while still encouraging their imaginative and innovative growing minds!

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