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School Age Program

Our School Age classroom provides a fun and interactive environment for your children. Ranging from academic focused support before and after school, to an atmosphere fit for indoor and outdoor play, we focus on your child’s academic success as well as physical, social, and language engagement, in a more relaxed manner. 

Academic Support

To aide your child's learning process,

Learn 'n Play offers academic support and homework help within the Before and After school program. During this time, your child will be able to work on homework with friends, teachers, or tutors, create arts and crafts, or partake in planned activities, center time, and large and small group activities, in a relaxed manner. 


Learn 'n Play is a bus stop

before & after school

for Lee Hill Elementary!

Playful Environment


Alongside the academic support in the Outback Classroom, we save time for indoor and outdoor play. Our facility houses separate playgrounds for each age group, which include a basketball court and a pool for students for a summertime splash! This is so your child is able to balance hard work with the reward of free play with friends! 

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