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Infant Program

The ability to learn and grow has never been more apparent than in our infant program. Our Garden & Pond Classrooms are centered around a commitment to our teacher connecting with your baby’s unique schedule and needs from early on. From there, a day full of warm interactions, music and movement, and of course playtime gives your infant the full opportunity to grow and develop a sense of trust and confidence in a safe and secured learning environment.   

Soothing Environment


Our Garden & Pond classrooms provide a soothing environment, with music for language development and auditory stimulation, individualized cribs, personalized family photos, learning material to explore during playtime and tummy time, small teacher/student ratios, and a shoe free room to maximize the space's hygiene.  

Nutrition and Care

Each infant has needs, which our teachers observe and communicate along side parents to find a daily schedule and routine which best suits your baby. We log your infants feeding and changing schedule to provide personalized attention, love, and care to your child. 

STREAMin3 Curriculum 

Our range of activities from Itsy Bitsy Yoga to Baby Sign Language allow babies to explore their physical and mental growth. Snuggle time is used for individualized attention and interaction. Through these programs, an infant's ability to communicate and experiment with books, toys, and objects within the space, encourages language and exploration.

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