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Toddler Program

What an exciting time for your baby to grow! The Farm Classroom centers around child development, and is carefully crafted to meet the needs for autonomy and an emerging sense of one’s self felt at this age. We strive to nurture intellectual growth, exploration, and socialization in a supportive and safe environment, guiding your child’s development.


Much of a toddler's cognitive, language, social, and physical learning occurs within interactions. Our teachers encourage toddlers to begin engaging in group play and suggest friendship between children to aid this growth, as their curious nature allows them to explore and reach out to others. We suggest parents also take an active role in their toddler's learning to better aid their development, as we build a trusting and loving environment together. 

Language Development

As a toddler continues to develop, so do their language skills and emerging literacy. The toddler curriculum uses song and dance, Baby Sign Language, books and stories, interactive clips, and objects within each center to start identifying helpful items and aligning sounds, letters, and words with objects. In our supportive classroom, you'll see your toddler go from pointing and experimenting with sounds, to naming familiar items.

STREAMin3 Curriculum 

The Farm Classroom continues to use music and movement to develop communication and literacy skills as well as gross and fine motor skills. Time for outdoor play and free play are also integrated into their daily schedule, along side art activities. A toddler’s emotional development is profoundly related to their early exploration and learning. Our teachers place a key emphasis on this, and use daily reports to log your toddler's growth.

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