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Two's Program

So many physical, cognitive, and social milestones are achieved in such a short amount of time! Our Ocean Classroom is geared towards a curriculum which encourages children to learn through exploration and curiosity found at this age. Creating a supportive and loving environment, our teachers aspire to boost self-confidence and foster independence, which increases socialization and allows more room for physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Potty Training


Potty training is one of the several important self-help skills children learn in our Ocean Classroom, and it is critical to encourage this transition when the child is ready. Typically, we begin this process in the two-year-old program, through a day by day progression, where each day we communicate your child's advancements with you so you may continue it at home, until they reach this incredible milestone. 

STREAMin3 Curriculum 

A child’s needs outweigh the need to be bound by a fixed curriculum, especially at an age of newly found independence. To create a safe and loving learning environment, we use the STREAMin3 curriculum for our Ocean classroom. This includes patterns and routines as well as self-initiated play time, to help accommodate these needs, while observing and assessing the various developmental milestones.

Enrichment Programming

 By the age of two, a child is able to partake in most enrichment programs lead by our teachers. Starting with the introduction of circle time, the curriculum involves a realm of opportunity for fun and learning, which may include literacy, letters and writing, math and manipulatives, art and music, science and outdoor play, Spanish and sign language, and values. Here, children begin to express personal interests.

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