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Pre-Kindergarten Program

To prepare you child for success, our Jungle classroom focuses on the skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness. The environment and curriculum our teachers create yields an academic challenge your child will encounter in Kindergarten and beyond. This will encourage meaningful learning in a positive way, through play; and continue to build on the sense of responsibility, leadership, and independence a child feels during the Pre-K year.



The success of your child is very important to us! The Pre-K curriculum helps to ease your child's transition into a more structured and academically rigorous school environment they'll face in Kindergarten. To celebrate the significant achievement of mastering the skills and lessons taught throughout the Pre-K program, we hold a special graduation ceremony. Your little graduate is growing into a Kindergartner!  

Enrichment Programming

To promote Kindergarten readiness, the Jungle classroom pays special attention to the writing and math manipulative center. Alphabet identification, association of familiar sounds with written words, and self-sufficiently writing their name and familiar words through partnership with ABC Mouse; as well as matching and regrouping, making patterns, and making comparison between objects are practiced.

STREAMin3 Curriculum 

With a heavier emphasis on academics in the Jungle classroom, this curriculum is designed with activities for multi-sensory learning and developmentally appropriate methods, to accommodate all types of learners. Literacy, math, science, social studies, and creative arts are include in each unit, paired with experiences and lessons that encourage exploration, discovery, and individual and group play within centers.

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